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Expert Kinship Research. Professional Reports. Trusted Results.


How North Coast Genealogy Can Help You

Forensic & Legal Genealogy

Estate, Title & Heir Research

Your work can be interrupted by family unknowns.
I assist in any area where there are kinship questions.

  • Estate Settlement: locate missing, unknown heirs, assist with multi-state searches where Laws of Descent and Distribution come into play, locate kin for notification in probate cases.

  • Real Estate:  locate people to quiet titles, trace owners of mineral rights and find owners of abandoned or seized property.

  • DNA:  trace unknown parentage to resolve questions


North Coast Genealogy's expert research demonstrates due diligence, 
protects your reputation and saves you time. 

North Coast Genealogy helps find people a Google search leaves behind, tracing families back in time to
find links to the present day. Research includes legal records, newspaper publications, and other documents
to resolve your questions.  DNA analysis can play a role as well. 


  • Parameters of a search are set within your budget and billed at an hourly rate.  

  • Regular check-ins keep you aware of how a search is going and when it will be completed.

  • All cases include:

    • A contract detailing the type of research desired, end work product requested and the number of estimated hours.

    • A retainer invoice for the first 10 hours of research (large cases), or the first 3 hours (missing beneficiary cases

    • Reports and Family Trees

      • Reports typically include names and addresses of next of kin, citations with the sources of documents used in the search, a description of the research done and how the next of kin are related to the decedent. 

      • A family tree accompanies all next of kin reports unless otherwise specified. A document file with images of the main sources cited is available upon request.

      • Missing beneficiary cases may include a report or just the name and address of already known next of kin. On the rare occasion that a beneficiary is not successfully located, a report of due diligence, detailing the steps taken and citations of sources consulted in the search will be provided.

      • Family trees detail the visual family structure and include the potential beneficiary’s relationship to the decedent.

Leather Bound Books

Clients Say:

“This information is wonderful and extremely helpful.  
I cannot thank you enough for your excellent and thorough work.” 

- Assistant Vice President, Fiduciary Advisor, Ohio/Pennsylvania Bank

“I certainly appreciate your assistance and you are doing a
terrific job tracking down this seemingly lost family

Thank you again.”

- Probate Attorney, Cleveland Ohio

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Website photo, historical books
Leather Bound Books
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